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Studio Tinker© is a Jakarta-based Brand Consulting & Graphic Design Studio focused on augmenting brands through the interweaving of strategies and visuals. We design all kinds.

Selected Works

A Bite of Exciting Everyday Korean Experiences

Holdak© Korean Chicken & Bites

Drops of Love from Mother Earth

Capsen® Essential Oil

In Vino Veritas, In Veritas Vino

Zion Alpha Wine Cellar

Let There Be Light

Special Christmas Campaign of Tinker X Eviri

Taking (better) butter to the Moon!

Dark of the Moon Specialty Butter

A universe inside a universe Booking Platform

How spaces define lifestyle

Galleria Lifestyle & Build

Modest is the new glam

Ederra Modestwear

A rather astonishing gastronomy experience

YOKAI Molecular Gastronomy

To know type is to play type

30 Days of Type Explorations

Changing the mural game

Indonesia Mural