Our Services


Brand Identity

Like people, business too, need to identify who they are so that potential customers could understand the values of the company even before they get into the products themselves. It’s not just about logo designing, it’s an integral part of a strategic marketing plan that ensures your company has a consistent tone of voice, all done through graphic design. A strong brand identity paired with a brand strategy that appeals to your target market will make your restaurant, retail, or creative business shine like the stars they are. Awesome, right?

  • Corporate, Product, or Personal Brand Identity
  • Naming & Tagline Concoction
  • Logo Design
  • Business Collaterals Design (Business Card, Letterhead, and Business Envelope)
  • Venue Signage Design
  • Poster Design
  • Strategic Corporate Rebranding
  • Collateral Design
  • Copywriting

Packaging Design

Anyone who says “don’t judge a book by its cover” is technically insane. Why? Because good book cover design should give you a good imagery of what story is inside the book itself and that they attract different readers. Same goes with any type of consumer goods. Kids, based on research, tend to go for colorfully-packaged products more than those in the minimalistic side. This proves that packaging could mean the difference between sold out and no sale and that it is beneficial for your business by simply having awesome packaging design, designed especially for the product you’re selling.


Strategic Consulting

Let’s talk strategy. It is the art of war. A move on the chessboard going back and forth between you and your competitors to grab the attention of your target market as much as possible. Not only that, but a strategic consulting that could make your brand more powerful internally and in terms of value. A good strategy requires an integral understanding of your objective and key message. Don’t have one? Chill. We got you. We’ll diagnose your problem thoroughly and through proper research to make sure your current standing is at the top of the game.


Book Design

Love cooking and recipes? We’ll design a cookbook for you. A gym rat who wants to share some health tips? We’ll design you a book for that. A conspiracy theorist with an eye for art? We’ll design a book for you with neon-colored UFOs if you let us. Designing a book is not just about the graphics—it’s also about the words that draws the attention of the reader with a proper tone of voice that relates to the imagery to spark up imagination. Our team will guide you until the final drop of print has been done. Have any ideas? Feel free to talk to us about it!