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Established in 2017

Since 2017, Studio Tinker has helped clients from unique industries from all over the world—all to satisfy the urge to create things which makes the world a more pleasurable place to live in.

Our works mainly delve into identities and how to improve them through all senses possible, in collaboration with different disciplines of design to create a comprehensive storytelling for brands.

We believe good design helps people understand the world better and that it adds excitement to the human experience



Good design makes your products and services stand out in the market. Often, you want them to be visible, yet sometimes, your product can thrive in being mysterious.


First Impression

Is it good? Is it beneficial? Is it expensive? Is it easy to use? Those are just a few of initial perception of potential customers. When a design is made well, many of these questions can be answered through contact points of the brand.



When good design is made and executed well, experiences of customers are tailored. They are purposeful—to an extent that their state of mind is where we want them to be.


Falling In Love

The visuals—from digital things to printed objects—everything made bespoke for our clients.


Becoming A Belief System

Making sure everything made through the pixels on a screen fits the real produced objects and other types of assistance needed by the client.

Tinkering Guidelines

A Strategic Mindset

Thinking as business doers, research whenever possible, planning ahead for years to come, the believe that brands always have better knowledge of the business because they are the ones in the playing field.

Designing for Human & Society

Ease of use, sensitive to trends & style, purposeful iterations, beautifying the market, individuality of brand expression, exuding contextual decisions.

Supporting the Brand Narrative

Exuding Stories & visions from businesses, building a coherent strategy, creating relatability, deep philosophy, tone and manner development.

Typography is Key

The belief that type is the closest thing to human language in visual form; that it carries meaning, purpose, and nuance.

Maintaining Cohesiveness

Timely review for feedback from clients after project, production assistances.



Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase, we consult intensively with the client in figuring out the problems, the plans ahead, and how the project should be designed. This may include market research, internal audit, and interviews with stakeholders.


Conceptu-alization & Storytelling

During this phase, we will utilize the time we need to explore an array of stories and concepts to connect the dots between the brand, the core problem, and interesting stories.


Design Formulation

We tinker with shapes, colors, sometimes illustration, and typography imbued by the initial concept and stories we have concocted. Then we test everything, from the mockup, to the print and digital testing make sure everything is sound. After everything has been formulated, tried, and tested, then we present them in the final presentation.


Final Artwork & Implem-entation Assistance

After a design path has been decided, we will assist the client in creating the final artworks needed for the brand to go live with its new, updated design. If the project is print-based, we will also help the brand maintain cohesiveness with out trusted printing partner.