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A Bite of Exciting Everyday Korean Experiences

Holdak© Korean Chicken & Bites

K-culture took the world by storm—grabbing our hearts by beautiful celebrities, catchy tunes of the k-pop world, and of course: food. From tteokbokki to jjajangmyeon, they have been silent (yet tasty) ambassadors to further embolden South Korea in an unprecedented global takeover. In this, Indonesia was no exception.

As a pioneer Korean snacks brand in Indonesia, Holdak was among the first to realize how big the market was going to become. This, in turn, gave them the chance to see how Indonesian people came to love k-food and making them a part of their daily lives. From selling chicken, now Holdak has grown as a brand, offering new, trendy snacks that are truly Korean.

To cater to a more youthful market, they needed a brand redesign to echo the exciting feeling of being in the middle of k-drama and k-pop conversations for its fans. This lead to a complete overhaul of their identity, including their logo, packaging, mascot, and even opening up their own flagship store at the outskirts of Jakarta with all the interactive environmental graphics that can heighten the in-store experience.

Equipped with its new identity, Holdak is set to be a prominent player in Indonesia’s k-food space. They now can move more fluidly to approach and get closer to k-lover communities all over the nation.

Creative Direction: Alek

Art Direction: Luthfi Almahdi

Graphic Designer: Luthfi Almahdi

Mascot Design: Jesslyn Kotandi


Food Photography: Brian D. Sumito Photography

Environmental Photography: Daniel C. Susabda

Scope Branding, Art Direction, Mascot Design, Graphic Design, Environmental Graphics, Illustration