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Drops of Love from Mother Earth

Capsen® Essential Oil

Since the start of the pandemic, people are getting more and more aware of the value of health & wellness, be it mental or physical. This caused a surge of supply and demand in the essential oil market, cause new brands to pop up here and there. The question is always this: “How do essential oils differentiate themselves in the market?”

Capsen arise with a concept that essential oils needn’t be always sterile and cold-to-the-touch—that it can be warm and inviting.

After consulting, we have distilled (pun intended) that Capsen needed to rebrand from their previous comical and too-childish identity, opting for a more sophisticated approach to bring essential oil not as a fad, but a lifestyle that you can cherish; that diffusing essential oil is more than just bringing goodness to yourself, but also to your loved ones.

Thus, the play on Hangul with the appearance of Gia (the girl) and Bobba (the capsule) is here to exude the concept of “A Slice of Earth’s Goodness” into the brand. Truly differentiating the brand from the purely scientific and botanical feel adopted by most of the brands in the market.

Creative Direction: Alek

Art Direction: Luthfi Almahdi

Graphic Designer: Luthfi Almahdi & Jesslyn Kotandi

Illustration: Jesslyn Kotandi

Photography: Binary

Scope Branding, Art Direction, Mascot Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Packaging Design