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A No-nonsense Approach to Building Things


Humanity started with sticks and stones, but with them, we now build ourselves homes, monuments, the places we go, and all the in-betweens. As with human nature & progress, construction companies are quintessential for spaces to exist, and society to function.

SAPKONSTRUKT is a construction company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Through its founder, Wirya Saputra, they serve myriad kinds of building projects, from residential to commercial. What makes them different is their hands-on approach with a no-nonsense way of doing things.

“We are here to build things. Simply that,” he said with a grin during the consulting process.

SAPKONSTRUKT aims to cutoff all the red tapes and unnecessary thoroughfare of the immensely tricky processes often associated with building things, especially with a country as diverse as Indonesia. For that, they needed a fresh new identity to keep up with the era and to communicate better of who they really are. Thus the change from Saputra Adikarya Pratama to SAPKONSTRUKT.

For the visuals, we made sure that Mr. Wirya’s spirit of concise precision in working came through, without any of the unnecessary concept speak in the visual strategy; to become one with their spirit of craftsmanship. Armed with a fresh new identity, they are setting the stage for the youthful future of construction companies in the country.

Creative Direction & Strategist: Alek

Art Direction: Luthfi Almahdi

Graphic Designer: Luthfi Almahdi

Scope Branding, Brand Strategy & Positioning, Art Direction, Graphic Design