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A Mattress Brand for Active & Productive Urban Hustlers


In the urban lifestyle kaleidoscope, rarely anyone would consider the humble mattress as a part of their day-to-day-while in fact it can be one of the most detrimental factors in how they fare during their work hours, as a well-spent night on resting can affect their productivity.

E-Z BED cater to this problem in a unique way, where we had to answer the question: how do we make a mattress brand that is active-as it is usually a passive type of product.

We made it so that their presence during the start and end to the days of urbanites is unmistakably cheery. The redesign of E-Z BED sets a stage to elevate the product more as a lifestyle one instead of a semi-commodity. This entails having a strong tone-of-volce that is crazy, exciting, and a but weird,

Now, they are more confident than ever to re-enter the market with their newly revamped packaging, product design, and overall Identity. Say hi to Emo & Zen if you happen to adopt one into your bedroom!

Creative Direction: Alek

Art Direction: Luthfi Almahdi

Graphic & Mascot Designer: Frisky A. Inastuti

Product Designer: Cecilia Chuang

Interior Design Concept: Y Architect

Product Photographer: Kanala

Content Creator & Videographer: Ben Imantaka

Scope Brand Consulting, Identity Design, Packaging Design, Product Design, Merchandise Design, Graphic Design, Mascot Design