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“Adding oil” to the entertainment industry

CIAYO Corp Media Company

Since its early days, CIAYO as a company is always striving for awe-inspiring growth in the entertainment industry of Indonesia. Starting from CIAYO Comics and CIAYO Games, while later on expanding exponentially to other fields such as CIAYO Stories, CIAYO Blog, and CIAYO Tokyo, the company is in need of a parent identity powerful enough to contain all the excitement.

Delving into the original philosophy of the name, we unearthed the core aspect of the “Jia You” chant. Spoken in many situations by the Chinese and the Chinese-at-heart, the word itself means “to add oil”. On a roll? Jia You! Down in the dumps? Jia You! Booed as the underdog? Jia You! It screams encouragement, empowerment, zeal, and passion—something very positive to not only speak of, but as a state of mind.

The exclamation mark is the most universally recognized symbol when it comes to encompassing the word “Jia You” without even saying a word. Through it, we explored its shapes and how it can be lots of positive things that could galvanize people into actions. The key word here is galvanizing, because essentially what CIAYO does is always to nurture local talents and ideas and turn them into something long-lasting in its creative form.

This change marks the 5 years of CIAYO as a company with its triumphs and hardships, and it is exuded so that the company can break free of the too-stiff “corp” feel that is had before. Now, it is more pliable and dynamic, able to turn into many implementations without losing its essence.

Jia You, CIAYO.

Brand Consultation & Creative Direction: Alek

Art Direction & Graphic Design: Leoda Taslim

Scope Corporate Rebranding, Graphic Design