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Taking (better) butter to the Moon!

Dark of the Moon Specialty Butter

“i want to be
in love with you

the same way
i am in
love with the moon

with the light
out of its soul.”

― Sanober Khan

Oh, the Moon. A hole in the sky. A mystical being of mysteries and untold wonders. But what does butter have to do with it?

Have you ever stared at the moon and wonder what the craters are like in your imagination? One might see an image of a rabbit holding a pestle. It is a phenomenon called ‘pareidolia’, where our mind takes mental shortcut to associate the things we see with the things we know.

In ancient China, there is a story of the ‘yuè tù’ (月兔), a fluffy-tailed companion of Chang’e the Moon Goddess. In one legend told during the time, a deadly plague came to the city, killing many. The only thing that can save them is the Moon Rabbit. Upon arrival, it cured everyone. How, you might ask? It was because of the Elixir of Life that it brought which saves the city. Well, we can argue that butter is the ‘elixir of life’ in our time, since it was heavily involved in many types of cuisines around the world.

Our moon rabbit is churning butter on the moon.

We were briefed to create a butter brand that is different from the butter brands that is on the market. During our research, we found that most of it contains some sort of sunshine, or pictures of cows in a wide open meadow. But who said that a butter brand had to be all this?

Hence: Dark of the Moon. Grass-fed, all organic, au naturale, butter.

Brand Consultation & Creative Direction: Alek

Art Direction & Graphic Design: Alek

Scope Branding, Packaging Design