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A universe inside a universe Booking Platform

In the beginning, there was space. Spaces, to be precise—spaces to live, for people to experience and to live their lives according to the lifestyle they choose. Previously XWORK—a website to find coworking spaces and meeting rooms for professional means, the company is venturing out into new horizons as they extend their reach into not only the urban working environment, but also towards the myriad social & lifestyle needs of their users.

Catering to a wide range of spaces to rent, including, but not limited to restaurants, private rooms, daycations (short hotel room stays, sometimes only for people to enjoy the poolside vibe), sporting arenas, beauty parlors, meeting rooms, and coworking spaces, they have an advantage in giving people discounts based on the time and date of specific locations: when they are low in capacity, discounts increase. All is done so that businesses can still profit from idle time, while users can experience places more, with a discount added to the mix.

Looking at the current demographics of big cities around Indonesia, we can see that in terms of lifestyle, the youth still dominates the market, especially for small, intimate spaces meant to share with friends. In terms of app usage, they are also prominent due to their tech-savvyness. That is why we made the brand to look playful and less like a digitally corporate brand.

The Patlings are the mascot of as a representation of a planet in full motion. Literally. They are a dynamic element to add to the overall brand experience.

Brand Consultation & Creative Direction: Alek

Art Direction & Graphic Design: Leoda Taslim

Illustration: Alip Satria

Animation: Alil Kurniawan

Scope Branding, Art Direction, Illustration, Mascot Design, Animation

The PatShapes as graphic elements derived from the Venn diagram of human needs. They are the much-needed, yet often overlooked cross-section, in which wants to exist as a solution.