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Galleria Lifestyle & Build

Since 1981, Galleria has been catering to the most luxurious of clients all across Indonesia, helping architects, interior designers, and regular customers find the right pieces for their buildingware needs. Now, they are facing a more digital age where marketing is done in the cyberspace—much more than billboards of the past. That is why they need an identity that is more modern and relevant to their customers.

Conducting research through qualitative means, we found out that the old logo is deemed archaic and that they are perceived as a company that is not as prestigious as the things they are selling. And so, we started to explore various iterations of the new logo as well as commencing a strategy workshop to reveal the USP of Galleria amidst its competitors: consulting.

Over the years, Galleria has been working with renowned designers and customers in the country, and each time, they have been assisting in each step of the way. Then, a new identity was formulated.

The new identity of Galleria accentuates modernity, with calming color palettes that is still powerful and yet unisex at the same time.

Creative Director: Alek

Art Director & Graphic Designer: Leoda Taslim

Scope Branding, Identity Design