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Modest is the new glam

Ederra Modestwear

Fashion is a highbrow state of mind—and all of its genres are synonymous with pompous and grandiose gestures to make sure our presence is known. One though, is an exception: modest wear.

Since 5 years ago, what was an import-then-sell fashion business of Ederra has evolved into an enterprise—stitching clothing pieces specifically for Muslim women of Indonesia. They have done well over the years, but the founder—Indah Wardani—felt that something was missing: Ederra does not have a specific purpose for its being.

Thus, the new Ederra was born. More than just visuals, the new brand of Ederra is a statement for Muslim women of the nation. It empowers, educate, and improve lives; that Muslim women is strong, independent, bold, yet caring and sincere at the same time. Workshops, talks, community building, and consulting became Ederra’s ode to further spread the philosophy of modest wear which extends to the soul.

Creative Director: Alek

Art Director & Graphic Designer: Zefania Diani

Scope Branding, Identity Design