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A rather astonishing gastronomy experience

YOKAI Molecular Gastronomy

As far as fine dining restaurant goes, most of them stands by the value of sophistication; a word so blissfully non-contextual in a sense that it’s becoming something devoid of meaning entirely.

Now, imagine this: you walk into a dimly lit room, ambient sounds from what seems to be the kitchen seeps a bit towards the hall. You sit down. A waiter gave you what seems to be a scroll. You open it. You see illustrations: it’s the menu. You cannot choose, however. The menu is there only to inform you of the upcoming dish. The first dish arrives. It’s . . . a rock? A letter comes with it which says for you to . . . shake it. You do so. It laughed.

You’re in Yokai territory.

This is the concept for Yokai: a Japan-esque molecular gastronomy experience unlike any other. Taking on the lore of Tsukumogami, the tools of Yokai restaurant is alive after a hundred years in human possession. They’re kind—at least to us—but oh they are a handful, and as mysterious as the dimly lit space.

For us, molecular gastronomy is an astonishment. It should excite, yet at the same time scare you for good reasons. The dishes served are always unique, changing per 4 months, presented in a myriad of gruesome yet curious ways which you will love (or else).

Creative Director: Alek

Art Director & Graphic Designer: Silvia Isabella

Scope Branding, Brand & Identity