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Turning your right to be healthy into a tasty business


CATR & Co is a healthy catering service based in Jakarta-Indonesia. They provide healthy meals with the best organic ingredients for their customer. They believe that being healthy is for everyone and anyone have the same right to become healthy. With the tagline “Because Healthy Living is Your Right”, the owner wants to eradicate the notion that people have the responsibility to live healthy, but rather, that it is their right in the first place.

The use of hand-drawn watercolor illustrations emphasizes the organic feel of the whole brand. Everything on the business card are based on the healthiest food ingredients in the mind of the owner; things like salmon, tomato, avocado, potato, edamame, amongst other ingredients.

Designing the packaging as versatile as possible, we turn the illustration into a pattern that could be utilized in the form of stickers to be applied in the packagings. Whether it is on bottles, lunchboxes, or any other type of containers, we make sure that the brand itself is consistent in every touch points.

Creative Director & Brand Strategist: Alek

Art Director & Graphic Designer: Nathania Callysta

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