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Bringing back Batik to its regal-statured past

Sedari Dulu

Batik is regal in its origins. It is the heritage of royal Indonesian past, when Batik was seen as an article of enthroned elites. In its strategic marketing and positioning, Sedari Dulu as a brand has a purpose of bringing handmade Batik fabric to its former glory.

Using a stamp Batik pattern, the logo is as dynamic as the fabric itself—able to shift and adapt to its surrounding and the pattern of the line being showcased. This applies variously to the design of the logo which is virtually endless, but keeping that consistency through the logotype and the box surrounding it as a symbolism of the fabric. Gold and black brings a luxurious feel to the brand, which is synonymous to the legends of the fabric as a part of the Indonesian epoch of royalty. Targeting the upper urban mademoiselles, the whole brand identity is embellished with the regalia of batik’s lavish history.

With a brand promise of improving the living standards of Indonesian batik crafters, every purchase of Sedari Dulu products is given back to the batik artisans, in the hopes of making batik as an Indonesian heirloom more global than ever.

Creative Director & Brand Strategist: Alek

Art Director & Graphic Designer: Nathania Callysta

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